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WordTube Playlist Long Way From Home JD Hinton / Mike Turner http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/media/JD_0001.mp3 http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/plugins/wordtube/images/wordtube.jpg I ended shows each night in Scotland with this song for the performers at the Edinburgh Festival. Their plays. Their music. Hopes. I hope they are still listening. I am. 5 66 Places To Run JD Hinton / Mike Turner http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/media/JD_0005.mp3 http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/plugins/wordtube/images/wordtube.jpg The opening lines came during a photo shoot at a railroad crossing sign one moonlit night outside of Santa Fe. I heard a whistle and spotted the light from the train coming. From 200 yards away, the ground shook and the air thundered and roared. I wrote what turned out to be the opening lines to Places to Run on the way home that night. When I got back to LA, I called Mike Turner up and read him the lines over the phone. He wrote and recorded the music tracks that night, and I wrote the rest of the lyric. The next day I went to his studio and recorded and mixed the song. 4 52 So Could I JD Hinton/Rick Solem/Ross Vannelli http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/media/JD_0003.mp3 http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/plugins/wordtube/images/wordtube.jpg The way that it should be is not the way it's gonna be. I've come to kiss you once and say goodbye. Texas music as I see it. 3 48 One By One (Day By Day) JD Hinton / Rick Solem http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/media/JD_0004.mp3 http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/plugins/wordtube/images/wordtube.jpg This song was inspired by some poems of e.e. cummings, my favorite poet. Rick Solem has always had a way to turn my lyrics into music! 2 30 Beautiful Woman (The Dangerous Kind) JD Hinton / Rick Solem http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/media/JD_0002.mp3 http://jdhinton.com/wp-content/plugins/wordtube/images/wordtube.jpg Driving along Mulholland Drive, I found the opening of Beautiful Woman. Yes, I had a movie star in mind. Rick Solem and I put this song together twice. The first time was good, but we began to look at some different chords and ended up changing everything. Some things are better the second time around. 1 51