Song List

Tonight Got in the Way
My Time Has Come
One by One (Day by Day)
Again Tonight
Once Was Blonde
San Francisco Dreams
Beautiful Woman
She’s Got What
Long Way From Home
Angels Are Here
Tryin’ to Get It Right
I Have to Dream
Mulholland Dr.
Beautiful Joe
If There Was a Next Time
Ready to Begin
Real World
Once I Had Someone
Something in a Moon
Mama Knows
So Could I
Lady Jane
Your Him
Places to Run
First Day of Heaven
Fifty Times a Day
Everything You Wanted
Smarter Than Me
Wish You Were Her
You’re the Only Reason
Not a Day Goes By
Nobody Knows But Me (Never Mine)
Bigger Than That
Don’t Think I’ll Get Over You Tonight
Not a Day Goes By
Rain, Rain, Rain
Bad Behavior
Blood Red Hair
Someone to Believe
Waiting for the Good Times to Begin

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