Author: JDH

Beautiful Joe

THrow me a lifeline Throw me a smile
Call me to just say hello
My one in a million everyday hero
You are my Beautiful Joe
One cup of water One extra mile
For those days when kindness is slow
My once in a lifetime …

If There Was a Next Time

Carousel was turning Dreams began to spread
Music was for dancing and nights that lay ahead
I remember yearning things I left unsaid
Take a look around Take a Good Look Around
Drove down San Vicente to the ocean bluffs …

Mulholland Drive

You should have been here The fog burned away
And left me most of the day
I stopped for lunch and Stayed for dessert
It’s June and this is LA
What I was waiting for wouldn’t arrive
But I like to hope …

Nobody Knows But Me

I was busy when the future came
Looking darkly through a glass
We were introduced I loved your name
And the future came to pass
Nobody knows but me Nobody knows but me
Nobody knows what you open and close
Nobody knows but me
You’re …

Angels Are Here

When all is said and done You’ll know what I mean
They even took the sun The moon and the stars away from me
I couldn’t buy a spark But in the dark I see
I …

Tryin’ to Get It Right

Some women are comfortable Some women are lean
Some women are wonderful Some women are mean
Some women invisible Some women are seen
I’m Just Tryin’ to Get it Right I’m Just Tryin’ to Get …

The Music, The Music

The Caroler sings: “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.” Thoughtfulness and joy intertwine. May the hope of Christmas carry us all into joyous days that we will call 2013. May we all hear …

Mulholland Drive

When I was new to Los Angeles, a record producer told me about this road that stretches across the crest of the Hollywood Hills. You know those hills. They separate L.A. and Hollywood from the San Fernando Valley. One afternoon, …

Scotland: Songs & Poets

The first time I performed outside the U.S. was in Scotland at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Just before going onstage with my band the first time, I wondered how my original songs would go over. Would nuances in the …

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