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All Summer Long

Do you have a favorite summer song? It’s easy these days to like a song and instantly hear it again (thank you Internet). In pre-internet days if you loved a song you WAITED a lot to hear the song again. …

Bowling & Elvis

“Tis the season” I hope your holidays are merry and bright. The new year takes a bit longer getting started since BOWL GAMES now extend into January past New Years Day. Getting back to work/in a regular rhythm is an …

Good Songs This Year

As a teenager, I went to different hamburger joints or cafes based on the jukebox there. Before internet and smart phones, you had to work harder to hear songs you liked. Today I still know restaurants where the music on …

Long Live The Doors

One reason I loved my paper route is that I had to drive it. It took an hour every afternoon. My car radio was blasting all the time. KLIF in Dallas played The Doors “Break on Through” before any of …

Pieces of April

Maybe this all began when I read the record labels on Elvis or Coasters records. I kept seeing Lieber and Stoller’s names under the title of the song. I saw Chuck Berry’s name was on the label as the singer, …

I Have to Dream

What lies before me – What stands between
No one can tell me what I have seen
Some see the tarnish I see the gleam
I have to wonder I have to dream
One dream can change you – One dream …

I Have To Dream

It took a lifetime to write this song one afternoon. As August was becoming September, I looked out the back of my house. The hillside was in full summer bloom. I thought about all the times I’d been at this …

One by One (Day by Day)

Day by Day Sun to Sun
Be with me One by One
Side by side In Unison
You and me One by One
You are the colors I see when I’m dreaming
You are the name on my lips when I’m cold
You …

Long Way From Home

Some places airplanes don’t fly
Some places roads don’t go by
I needed you to remind me
Everything I want’s behind me
I’m a long way from home
I’m a long way from home
I’m a long way I’m on my way home
Up here the stars …

My Time Has Come

The rumors in the street
Are taking aim at me
Whispers of defeat are out there humming
Night will hide its face
The sun will take its place
In a moment’s grace my morning’s coming
My Time Has Come My Time is Here
This is the …

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