All Summer Long

Do you have a favorite summer song? It’s easy these days to like a song and instantly hear it again (thank you Internet). In pre-internet days if you loved a song you WAITED a lot to hear the song again. It was sweet torture until you heard the opening notes over the radio. Then all the planets came into perfect and complete alignment.

Last week I was thinking of the BEACH BOYS tune ALL SUMMER LONG. In that song is this lyric: “Every now and then we hear our song. We’ve been having fun all summer long.” No one has to wait until every now and then to hear a song anymore. That has a value, but I would argue it robs some of the sweetness created by the longing/waiting to hear it again. I would really like to know if couples even have a song they call “our” song anymore. There’s still more summer left and maybe more time to find out. Happy listening.

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