Bowling & Elvis

“Tis the season” I hope your holidays are merry and bright. The new year takes a bit longer getting started since BOWL GAMES now extend into January past New Years Day. Getting back to work/in a regular rhythm is an imperfect process. Generally, I have noted “work” doesn’t start until after Jan. 8. Mostly that’s due to the bowl games, but that also happens to be Elvis’ birthday. An LA pal of mine puts on his best southern drawl and says, “Ah don’t work on Jan. 8 ‘cuz Ah nevah work on Elvis’ birthday.”

I learned to remember Elvis’ birthday because of some LA musicians and singers. Back in the 80s,the local musician crowd began doing Elvis Birthday shows at some well-known club on Jan. 8. There was a house band ready to back up every lead singer/artist. Each performer sang an Elvis tune. Someone kept track of each song. Since there were no repeats, someone organized the set list. If Dwight Yoakum wanted to do ALL SHOOK UP and John Doe already declared he was doing it, Dwight would have to pick a different tune from Elvis’ catalog. I went to this 3 or 4 yrs. in a row before being sidetracked by things I’ve completely forgotten.

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