Good Songs This Year

As a teenager, I went to different hamburger joints or cafes based on the jukebox there. Before internet and smart phones, you had to work harder to hear songs you liked. Today I still know restaurants where the music on the sound system tips the scale when it’s time for something to eat or drink.

I’m in one of those spots right now. They’re playing Otis Redding. Otis is singing a Sam Cooke song. Where are you going to hear music like that these days?

Any day is a good day to hear Jimi Hendrix guitar riffs again. His version of “All Along the Watchtower” played here earlier. He’s been gone 43 yrs. now, but his music (we know now) will always be around. Time may serve to prove that what’s really true will remain true.

Hope you have a chance to hear some good songs as we head toward the holidays. There should still be room for a surprise or two in 2013. Cheers, jdh

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