Long Live The Doors

One reason I loved my paper route is that I had to drive it. It took an hour every afternoon. My car radio was blasting all the time. KLIF in Dallas played The Doors “Break on Through” before any of the local Waco radio stations did. I am not sure any Waco stations played it. In the summer of ’67, “Light My Fire” was released (edited form) as their next single. The Waco stations played it. The world began to confirm my love for this sound and these songs. For my first show on W-A-C-O I wanted to play a song I’d always be thrilled to remember choosing. I played “Light My Fire.”

News of Ray Manzarek’s death silenced all my other thoughts. I know we don’t live forever, but somehow I think all my music heroes are going to die in some vague and very distant future. No way was I expecting this. The story came on the news station while I was driving an LA freeway and my “NO!” surprised me. If Jim Morrison was the voice. Ray Manzarek was the conscience. RIP Ray Manzarek

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