Pieces of April

Maybe this all began when I read the record labels on Elvis or Coasters records. I kept seeing Lieber and Stoller’s names under the title of the song. I saw Chuck Berry’s name was on the label as the singer, and it was there a second time under the title of the song. No one was around to explain it to me, but I figured out they wrote the songs I played over and over. My older cousin had all these records and a record player in his room. That’s where I camped out every visit. I had launched my music journey. Somebody say: Wop-Bop-a-Loo-Bop

Then came albums and album covers. The pictures helped get you “backstage” where you could hope to see what it was like to be around the artists. The printing continued identifying the songwriter. I was an immediate fan of Simon & Garfunkel. Paul Simon’s songs/music inspired (instigated?) my beginnings as a songwriter. I loved what was in Paul Simon’s songs and saw a way for my imagination to take shape. To this day, when I see – hear the name April, I start to hum Paul Simon’s song “April, Come She Will.”

Good songs will take you to good songwriters. That’s how I found another “April” song. The other is “Pieces of April” by Dave Loggins. In music, great things happen and then head for the sidelines in the ebb and flow of popularity. “Pieces of April” is a tune I first heard on a Dave Loggins album (Vanguard) that never hit the charts. THREE DOG NIGHT had a hit with it in the early 70s. If you can find either version online, give it a listen.


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