Mulholland Drive

When I was new to Los Angeles, a record producer told me about this road that stretches across the crest of the Hollywood Hills. You know those hills. They separate L.A. and Hollywood from the San Fernando Valley. One afternoon, we finished in the studio, and I aimed my Oldsmobile with Texas plates up one of the canyon roads until I got to Mulholland Drive. I turned west.

It was magic then, and it’s never lost its magic for me. Los Angeles spreads out below you on one side.  On the other side, around the next turn, the Valley is everywhere you look. An extraordinary view. It touches something inside you. At night it gets better. The lights below you are a sight to behold. Like diamonds on black velvet.

One day over lunch at one of the sidewalk cafes on Sunset Blvd., I could see the Hollywood Hills. Thoughts came. Words. I started writing in a small notebook. That’s how my song “Mulholland Drive” began. June 2003.

When I was finally able to get to work on chords and a melody to make this a song it was June 2005. The time lapse was horrendous, but what emerged was still part of that first afternoon.

“Mulholland Drive” was recorded in early June 2011. Every song has a journey before you can hear it. The road will wait for you.

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