Caves and Tunnels

Hope! It’s 2011. This could be a cave or a tunnel. Hope!

Around here 2010 ended with an exclamation point. My band’s LA concert last October hit a real (no pun intended here) high note with me. Sometimes you can just feel like a new level of work – a much better one – has been reached. I recognized it at the time and mentioned it to my brothers in kind on that project. Then, Dec. brought the chance to act in the lead role for an indie film in New Mexico. “Hatching Max” was a complete surprise. And joy. Again, a recognition. Something in the experience was at a deeper level than any I can remember. Truer. I’m ready for the next mile. The next step.

Hope is its own exclamation point, but hope also carries an asterisk. Taking steps where results are uncertain is Hope* at street level. It is the DNA of show business.  I think it is also the journey we’re all on in life. Hope. For me it takes faith to do that.  So, I keep walking forward. I keep my eyes open. I’m looking for a tiny dot of light, a sunrise,  for God’s angels to appear.

Happy 2011 to all.   — and yes, Happy New Year… Y’all.

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