As ’99 turned toward 2000, everyone I knew walked with a sense of awe. We were ending a century and a millenium. Well, we didn’t end it, but we were witnesses. Y2K was also full of ominous anticipation, too. Here we sailed into uncharted waters and new dimension.

That Christmas 1999 I joined several singers from the U.S. and Europe to sing  for the Pope and Jubilee ceremonies at the Vatican on Christmas Day . We sang a piece commissioned for the occasion from composer Beppe Cantarelli. “Magnificat” was magnificent and every Christmas since then, I’ve known I’m not alone in remembering it. We had a wonderful time of music.

 Friendships that began there are still strong. There will never be another Christmas dinner like the one we had at the small restaurant off of Piazza Navonna. I threw 3 coins in the Trevi Fountain.  I’m waiting. I believe. Merry Christmas! Joy to the World!

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