A Calling

My life is better when:

  1. I get the music (I hear)  written.  Get what I hear in my head recorded so that it can be played and heard.
  2. I get the music (I’ve written) out of my living room.   Get it out “there” where others can hear it, too.

These jobs require different skill sets and I would argue one is a right brain task and the other is left brain work.  For the past several weeks, I’ve been in Texas.  Writing.  Re-writing.  Working on new songs.  Now it’s time to go to LA and work them up with my band.

“I was busy when the future came    Looking darkly through a glass   We were introduced, I loved your name    And the future came to pass     Nobody knows but me   Nobody knows but me   Nobody knows what you open and close       Nobody knows but me”       NEVER MINE (Nobody Knows) ©2010 w/m  JD Hinton  Wide Brim Music, BMI   Six Shooter Productions, Inc.

This is my work.  Takes time and attention to detail.  Sweat and inspiration. It is not a job.  It is not an occupation.  It is a vocation.  It is the closest thing I know to what is commonly mentioned as…   a calling.

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