After REFUGE… Friends

Completing the music for Refuge has been a journey. A good journey. Filming began in July ’09 in the area around Las Cruces, New Mexico. I visited the sets for atmosphere that might help when it came time to create the music that would underscore the film. In LA last September I watched how masterful the film editing process can be. In many ways it reminded me of producing and mixing songs and music in the studio.

Ross and I began writing the film’s score in late January after the editing was finalized… almost a year after I’d first read the script. We’d routinely begin at 1 p.m. and went until 4 a.m. the next morning. Our working day was not that different from all the others who’d worked in the New Mexico desert, except that we stayed out of the sun and heat.

Circumstances sometimes demand that you truly enjoy what you do. The best of those circumstances is friendship. Refuge gave me a chance to reconnect with actor buddy Christopher McDonald and to see the beauty of a Linda Hamilton smile. Refuge was also an important way to reunite as friends/working colleagues with producer Ginger Perkins, director Mark Medoff, editor Sidney Levin and of course with my collaborator Ross. In an unpredictable business, one experience remains. Friendships.

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