Someone To Believe

Producer Kevin Goetz asked if I had a song for his movie Touched By a Killer. I said I did. I meant “I would.”

While watching an early edit on video of the movie, I made some notes about the characters. I found in their story what I felt like we’re all after… Someone to Believe. The moment my fingers touched the piano I played the first six notes of the song.

On lots of songs I use co-writers in order to take my original ideas in directions that I can’t predict. In this song, my music and words came together at the same time and very quickly. I couldn’t write fast enough.

“Someone to Believe” gave me a chance to work with Kathrin Shorr for the first time. It’s her performance you will hear if you see the movie.

She’s a tremendous singer who came to Scotland to sing with me at the Edinburgh Festival last August.

The other great collaboration and friendship that began because of this song was with Ross Vannelli. Ross composed the score for Touched by a Killer. It was his work with this film that gave me the idea that we should collaborate on the movie Children On Their Birthdays.

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